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I'm trying to pass submited form to my page Controller. I'm constructing JSON object like this:

"periodId": "1",
"domainId": "46",
"modelTypeId": "1",
"modelGroup": {
    "modelGroupName": "123",
    "modelGroupDescription": "abc"

Where I'd like to objects *Id to be passed as Integer and modelGroup as full object. So my goal is somehow make this work:

JS file

jQuery.ajax( "/Models/SaveModel", {
    data:JSON.stringify( output )
} );

Page Controller

@RequestMapping(value = "/SaveModel", method = RequestMethod.POST, headers = {"content-type=application/json"})
boolean createModel( SettlementModelGroup modelGroup, 
                     Integer periodId,
                     Integer domainId,
                     Integer modelTypeId )
    //process data here

Is it possible or do I have to make @RequestBody String object annotation and then parse JSON file?

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spring will convert for you, i fyou get the json correct with the appropriate request parameters –  NimChimpsky Jul 17 '12 at 14:36
Could you write an answer with example for data provided by me? –  kamil Jul 17 '12 at 14:38

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Spring MVC by default will not do this for you - if you want to use the default approach, you can like you have said create a wrapper type with your modelGroup, periodId, domainId, modelTypeId and annotate the wrapper type with @RequestBody.

If you absolutely want an approach along the lines of what you have written, an approach will be to :

Create a custom annotation - say @JsonArg

Annotate the relevant parameters with this annotation

boolean createModel( @JsonArg SettlementModelGroup modelGroup, 
                     @JsonArg Integer periodId,
                     @JsonArg Integer domainId,
                     @JsonArg Integer modelTypeId );

Write a custom HandlerMethodArgumentResolver which will support @JsonArg annotated arguments:

boolean supportsParameter(MethodParameter parameter){
  return (parameter.getParameterAnnotation(JsonArg.class)!=null);

Write logic to parse out the relevant parameter from the request body:

public Object resolveArgument(MethodParameter methodParameter, ModelAndViewContainer mavContainer, NativeWebRequest webRequest, WebDataBinderFactory binderFactory) throws Exception {
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Thanks for the complete answer! I guess easier approach will be passing integers as path variable? –  kamil Jul 17 '12 at 15:20

If you created an object that held all 4 of the objects you list as parameters above, then you could just annotate that one parameter with @RequestBody and it would convert it all for you.

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After @RequestBody you must write one object, which contain model class (getters/setters)

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