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I have a list of dictionaries (each dictionary representing 1 record of an SQL query) which I am trying to serialize as JSON. There are several and datetime.datetime objects in these dictionaries which are proving difficult to serialize. Initially, the error message is:

TypeError:, 5, 23) is not JSON serializable

After adding a handler to the json.dumps call the error message is:

TypeError: date_handler() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)

date_handler looks like this:

    def date_handler(obj):
        return obj.isoformat() if hasattr(obj, 'isoformat') else obj

I'm running this as part of a Trac plugin however I think this is just an isolated python issue but have no idea what to do to sort it - does anyone have any ideas?

share|improve this question could provide some more insight/options, at least for preliminary solutions. There are critical comments related to timezone support. – hasienda Jul 17 '12 at 21:42
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I solved this by applying .isoformat() fields that were dates or timestamps in the dictionary as I'm importing the data from a database and so know what the field types are beforehand, thanks for your help!

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See a solution from the Django domain.

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