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We have been trying to integrate this callback method which is basically a HTTP GET / POST from our partner's server to ours. The Callback URL looks like this -


Whenever a transaction happens our partner's servers which are outside of the realm that we are in is posted to our servers where we have a callback.php service that processes the required and receives the data from the post and writes to a mysql database.

We are noticing that hitting the URL above on a browser gets the data as expected and writes it into the database. But when the Server to Server HTTP call happens the posting server receives a ERROR 400.

This callback method is executed without authentication through http and not https just to keep things simple for now.

callback.php code that we are using is below.

include "DBConnection.inc";

// Fetch data from callback url
$uid = $_REQUEST['uid'];
$tid = $_REQUEST['tid'];
$sid = $_REQUEST['sid'];    
$timestamp = $_REQUEST['timestamp'];
$country = $_REQUEST['country'];
$ip = $_REQUEST['ip'];
$useragent = $_REQUEST['useragent'];    
$payout = $_REQUEST['payout'];
$currency = $_REQUEST['currency'];
$udid = $_REQUEST['udid'];
$campaign_id = $_REQUEST['campaign_id'];    

// Initialize the local variables
$errorLoggingPath = "callback-url.log";

// Insert data into database
$insertQuery = "INSERT INTO tb_callback_url VALUES ('$uid', '$tid', '$sid', '$timestamp', '$country', '$ip', '$useragent', '$payout', '$currency', '$udid', '$campaign_id')";

if( mysql_errno() <> 0 )
    LogError("INSERT failed in tb_callback_url: " . mysql_error(), __FILE__, __LINE__ , $errorLoggingPath);


Is there anything in particular we should look into in terms of web server settings or the callback.php code?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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How is the server to server call being made ? The one that throws out the 400. Can you show me the code for that please ? –  Ashray Baruah Jul 17 '12 at 14:49
We do not have access to that code @AshrayBaruah. Is there anything in particular that we should be interested in that code? –  Aakash Jul 17 '12 at 14:51
Check that you're building a properly-encoded URL - in particular things like the user-agent field could contain URL metachars that browsers are politely fixing for you, but your callback code isn't. –  Marc B Jul 17 '12 at 14:52

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