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Our developers just got new Win 7 64-bit boxes. We are using VS 2008 with Crystal Reports XI Release 2 service pack 6. If we run a report in our app through VS 2008, we get the following error:

An error has occurred while attempting to load the Crystal Reports runtime.

Either the Crystal Reports registry key permissions are insufficent or the Crystal Reports runtime is not installed correctly.

Please install the appropriate Crystal Reports redistutable (CRRedist*.msi) containing the correct version of the Crystal Reports runtime.

Our previous dev boxes were Win 7 32-bit, and posed no issues.

I've searched forums and found a few similar issues. I've tried running the app as x86, installing a redist for 64-bit, and some forums said that you have to upgrade to CR 2008 because XI R2 doesn't support 64-bit.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm going to keep searching in the meantime.

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I had a similar issue, but not quite the same thing. I ended up solving it by making sure the thread I used Crystal in was set to run with STA as the apartment state. For some reason this only showed up in Windows 7 for me and not other OS's. Maybe it'll work for you too. –  BlargleMonster Jun 14 '13 at 13:20

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