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Were have a Python Script that when run from 4 different machines each produce different results. 1 - Works fine. (running in ArcMap) 2 - Works once then fails to work until the environment its run under is restarted. (running in ArcMap) 3 - Fails half way through the script. (Running in ArcGIS Server) 4 - Fails a tthe start of the script. (Running in ArcGIS Server)

2 also works fine when I run it in Aptana.

The script leverages other modules that we have built as well as win32COM. Our feeling is that each of them are having problems importing resources.

Any ideas of why this would be?

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Not without seeing the script, no – Daniel DiPaolo Jul 17 '12 at 14:48
And it would be helpful to provide log files/command line output of the successful and failing runs – Andrew Alcock Jul 18 '12 at 2:02
  • Do all machines share the same software versions?

  • Surround your imports with a try...except block to throw an exception if an import is not completed properly.


    import some_module
except ImportError:
    some_module = None
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