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I'm writing a scope that should look for calls with a status of open and any call with a datetime greater than current time. I'm a bit fuzzy on the syntax, can someone help point me in the right direction.

Example that fails:

scope :scheduled_calls, where(:call_status => "open", :transfer_date > Time.now)
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You need to use a lambda to evaluate the scope when it's called, as opposed to when the class is loaded.

scope :scheduled_calls, lambda { where(["call_status = ? and transfer_date > ?", "open", Time.now]) }
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Try this:

scope :scheduled_calls, where("call_status = 'open' and transfer_date > ?", Time.now)
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lambda should be used here to avoid caching of Time.now –  rubish Jul 20 '12 at 21:58

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