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I'm using the intrinsic function XML-PARSE with XML that looks like this:

 <LN>One &amp; two</LN>

By my count, the following string is 13 bytes long.

  "One &amp; two" 

But when I take $ LENGTH OF(XML-TEXT) $ I get only 9 bytes.

What can I do to get the correct, 13-byte length?

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The problem is that XML PARSE translates &amp; into the character it represents, an ampersand. If you look at the CONTENT-CHARACTERS associated with the <LN> tag you will see: One & two which is 9 characters long, just as the LENGTH OF operator on XML-TEXT says it is.

Note that if you were to use XML GENERATE on data item LN having the value One & two it will generate as <LN>One &amp; two</LN> which is a symetrical operation.

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