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I need a solution in C++ or Java. Are there standard functions?

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There are no standard functions to do this in C++ - you need to roll your own. This apparent lack is because the concept of uppercase and lowercase, and indeed of words, is a lot more complicated than it might first seem. Your best bet is to use a regular expression library, such as the one that comes with Boost.

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For Java, see Pattern. You can use \b and \B to match word boundaries. Case sensitivity can be enabled/disabled using the CASE_INSENSITIVE flag.

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There's no single function that will do exactly that. It's still fairly trivial for simple cases: get the file in memory (e.g. std::vector<char> buff(file_begin_iter, file_end_iter);) and then find what you want. (std::search)

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In C++ you can use regular expressions in


if your compiler is up to date. Regular expressions support match case by default. Using \b Word boundaries you should be able to find whole words only.

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Note there is no requirement that a compiler support TR1. A compiler may be "up to date" without doing so. – anon Jul 20 '09 at 10:32
You are right writing it "may". In many cases no TR1 implementation is installed with older compilers. – RED SOFT ADAIR Jul 20 '09 at 15:30

In java:

You can use the "\b" word boundary.

P.S.: when you compile it remeber scape the slash: In ex.: To found the word 'dog' --> Pattern p = Pattern.compile("\bdog\b");

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