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hi friends any one him help to me solve this problem in corona sdk i have account in indie android when i build.when i build for for android os they make question

  1. continue trial
  2. verify purchase
  3. upgrade

i will choose a 2nd(verify purchase) option. And they show build window. In that window I'll fill the application,version code,package,and when browse a keystore file .And they make again the same question above and i again choose the verify purchase .And it does not give permission to choose keystore .and it automatically select the default keystore file. And it build app as trial users

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This sounds like a verification issue that you will need to file a support ticket to resolve. If you have changed your email address or password that may have caused the issue.

You can contact support here: http://developer.coronalabs.com/forms/support

Someone will be able to assist you from there - alternatively if you have changed your email or password temporarily changing it back may provide a temporary solution while this is being resolved.

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If its a verification issue you could also try to deauthorize your computer in Corona SDK: Corona Simulator -> Preferences->Deauthorize and Quit

or delete these in ~/library/Preferences/ folder. com.anscamobile.ratatouille.plist com.anscamobile.Corona_Simulator.plist

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