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I'm using this plugin to select text on a website:

Drag drop plugin

My code looks like this so far:

            $( document )
            .drag("start",function( ev, dd ){
                return $('<div class="selection" />')
                .css('opacity', .65 )
                .appendTo( document.body );
            .drag(function( ev, dd ){
                $( dd.proxy ).css({
                    top: Math.min( ev.pageY, dd.startY ),
                    left: Math.min( ev.pageX, dd.startX ),
                    height: Math.abs( ev.pageY - dd.startY ),
                    width: Math.abs( ev.pageX - dd.startX )
            .drag("end",function( ev, dd ){
                $( dd.proxy ).remove();
            $('article p, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, ol, ul')
            .drop(function( ev, dd ){
                $(this).wrap('<div />')
            $.drop({ multi: true });    

What I'm trying to achieve is to wrap all the selected elements in on <div>. Right now it's wrapping each element into separate div's. Here's the code fragment that is responsible for this:

.drop(function( ev, dd ){
                $(this).wrap('<div />')
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Maybe the function wrapAll() is what you're looking for, instead of wrap.

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