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I want to have the same command when I click the "Cancel" button or when I close the window (ALT+F4 or click the x). The problem is the command will eventually close the window that is in the "closing" mode which is denied - I can't close a window that is closing. How can I distinguish the mode "IsClosing" in the window? It doesnt have this bool property ...

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I'm not entirely sure what you're asking for. If you provide some code to show what you're trying to do now, I could probably help you better.

In the meantime, this question seems to be asking something similar to yours. Why don't you check this out and see if it helps?

WPF window on closing

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Imagine I would have 2 different behaviours in a Window.

  • Drop data - when I cancel or ALT+F3.
  • Persist data - when I click the Ok button.

The only way I have to catch the ALT+F4 action is on closing event. My solution was to have a flag that is true only when I enter the window with te OK command. I test that flag, persist data if true or drop data otherwise.

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