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I have a file with 3 methods defined within it. and in my file I am trying to import these methods to be called from a view.

from app.tasks import generate_standalone_view, generate_primary_investment_management_view, generate_funds_administration_view

When I call the view that calls these tasks, django returns with

cannot import name generate_standalone_view

The structure of my project is as follows


I'm not to sure why it is having problems importing these methods. If someone could provide some insight into what I am doing wrong, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advanced!

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Can you post more information about your and files? In particular, what non-standard libraries are they importing? I've had this problem with a circular import that involves importing your models in tasks and importing tasks in your models file. – narced133 Jul 17 '12 at 16:30
Do you have circular import? Is your tasks importing things from – Jure C. Jul 17 '12 at 18:48

from import ...

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You shouldn't do that, as that couples the app to the project. – asksol Jul 18 '12 at 10:16

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