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I have a picture library and I want to lookup to the name of picture in another generic list. I've tried:

lookupField.LookupField = "Name";

Then when I create a new item of this generic list, the picture lookup column show the list name of picture correctly, but after saving item this column is changed to blank. Am I doing anything wrong here? Do I have to use other internal field name instead of "Name"? Pleaze help...

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OK, I found another solution. because I can not lookup to default name of picture library, so I create a hidden text field for picture library. This hidden field will get value of name in ItemUpdated event (no need ItemAdded because when I upload a new pic, it also called ItemUpdated <-- don't know why...)

public override void ItemUpdated(SPItemEventProperties properties) {
    properties.ListItem["HiddenImageName"] = properties.ListItem["Name"].ToString();

Generic list will look up to this hidden field instead of default name field of Picture library

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