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I am working on the XLWT XLRD XLUTIL packages. Whenever I write to a new sheet, all the formulas have been obliterated.

I tried the following fixes, but they all failed:

  1. Re-write all the formulas in with a loop:

    Failure: XLWT Formula does not support advanced i.e. VLOOKUP Formulas

  2. Doing the calculations all in Python: this is ridiculous

How can I preserve the formulas using the above packages? Can I use some other packages to solve my problem? Or, do I need to code my own solution?

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(a) xlrd does not currently support extracting formulas.

(b) You say "XLWT Formula does not support advanced i.e. VLOOKUP Formulas". This is incorrect. If you are the same person that I seem to have convinced that xlwt supports VLOOKUP etc after a lengthy exchange of private emails over the last few days, please say so. Otherwise please supply a valid (i.e. Excel accepts it) formula that xlwt won't parse correctly.

(c) Doing the calculations in Python is not ridiculous if the output is only for display.

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