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I understand the intention is to deliver the entire mobile application within the xe:singlePageApp tags on the same XPage ... still, it would be nice/easier/useful if I could call another mobile xpage from the current mobile xpage.

The following code fails for the second xe:djxmLineItem. Kind of interesting is the moveTo property does provide a drop-down selection of xpages in the current database so you think this word work. Any ideas on how to do this?

<xe:singlePageApp id="singlePageApp1"

    <!--Start of appPage1  -->
    <xe:appPage id="appPage1" pageName="appPage1" preload="true">
        <xe:djxmHeading id="djxmHeading1" label="appPage1"></xe:djxmHeading>
        <xe:djxmLineItem id="djxmLineItem2" label="P1 to P2"
            rightText="flip" moveTo="#appPage2" transition="flip">
            label="P1 to mobiledemo22"
    <!--End of page1-->

    <!--Start of appPage2 -->
    <xe:appPage id="appPage2" pageName="appPage2">
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The moveTo is designed to work only within the single page applications on the same XPage. To move out of the current XPage use the conventional openPage simple action.

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