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I will try to be as specific as possible here:

  • MVC 3 Razor project.

Three containers, on the page, consisting of radio buttons.

Only the first set of radio buttons is loaded on page load.

The second set is dependent on the user selecting from the first set, and the third set depends on the second set.

  1. User selects from first set.
  2. Ajax call builds html for second set. Same process occurs for the third set to load.

These selectors are used to store some info in a db for later retrieval.

My problem is that when I pull these records back out and attempt to trigger the clicks (mimic a user) on the appropriate sets of radio buttons.. I can't seem to fire the clicks on the elements which get loaded through ajax.


        url: some_url,
        data: { some_param: some_var },
        success: function (data) {
            //2 examples of what I have tried

            //Index 1 div is already on the page, so the click fires and loads
            //the divs for index 2, however, the Index 2 click doesn't fire.
            $('div[id=' + data.Index1 + ']').click();
            $('div[id=' + data.Index2 + ']').click();
            $('div[id=' + data.Index3 + ']').click();

            //same result as above
                $('div[id=' + data.Index1 + ']').click();
            ).done(function () {                    
                   $('div[id=' + data.Index2 + ']').click();
                ).done(function() {
                   $('div[id=' + data.Index3 + ']').click();
        async: false

Now, I could just implement some different code specifically to handle loading existing data. But I figured there must be a way to call these clicks the way I want to.

I appreciate any and all feedback.

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Are you wanting something to happen when the user clicks, or are you trying to fire click events when an ajax call returns? Your description and code are contradictory, and the title doesn't seem to match either. Also, you might want to look into .on() – MrOBrian Jul 17 '12 at 17:37
Are you using asynchronous requests? – Alexander Jul 17 '12 at 17:45
Sorry if I am confusing.. I am still getting used to asking questions via the internet. The reason I mentioned user clicks was because I want to mimic them. I don't want to build separate code if I don't have to. But yes, I am trying to fire these events in an ajax return. And no, the request is not async. – daveomania_x Jul 17 '12 at 17:57

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