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I started to use macvim not only for code, but also for editing a wiki and academic writing in LaTeX. After several honeymoon moments ;-) and first customization efforts, I found a problem I can't solve:

How do I paste content from the system clipboard within a line, no matter where this content is copied from? (I use LaunchBar’s multi clipboard feature quite excessively and store mostly > 20 strings from different applications I will paste sooner or later. It works well with macvim, but not when it comes to "linewise" content.) p or P create newlines, cmd-v as well.

I neither want to add strings between tags, nor focus on other specialised settings.

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I don't know how Launchbar works in this regard but all the clipboard managers I've used send a Cmd-v when you hit Enter.

MacVim, being very well integrated in the system, supports many default Mac OS X shortcuts like Cmd-o, Cmd-s or Cmd-v so… simply selecting the item in Launchbar's list and hitting Enter should work.

If your pasted content ends up on a line of its own (presumably above the current line) instead of in the middle of your sentence that means that the pasted text contains a new line, plain and simple. Because MacVim maps Cmd-v to P, the pasted content is pasted before the cursor: inline if there's no newline in sight, above the current line if there are newlines.

That's normal behavior.

At that point, either you find a way to clean Launchbar's content up before Cmd-v or you edit the pasted text afterward with something like ^v$y"_d<movement>P.

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Thank you for your kind answer. – lejonet Jul 18 '12 at 15:53
Well is your problem solved? – romainl Jul 18 '12 at 16:35

If you have multi-line content on your system clipboard and want to paste it inline somewhere, you'll need to (by definition) change the content to be on one line. Thus, you need to remove the newline characters from the clipboard. There are more than one ways to do this, but it's probably simplest to paste the content first and then edit it. One of the most useful commands in this situation is the J command. You can also use :j in command mode. So, for example let's say I had


copied to my system clipboard, and I wanted to paste it in the middle of the line

Don't you know that, my friend?

so that the end product is

Don't you know that this is a test, my friend?

I could put my cursor on the comma with f,, then hit i to go into insert mode and hit Space to add a space between "that" and "this". Once I hit ⌘V the content will look like

Don't you know that this
, my friend?

I then can visually select this by escaping into normal mode and typing v). Finally, hit J to join all the lines. It may seem like a lot but in rapid fire it's just f,i ⌘V<Esc>v)J. Pasting multi-line content into a single line isn't any easier (at least not much) than that in any other editor.

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Thank you for your answer, but I think my posting was mistakable. I do not want to add multi-line content, but e.g. something like Moss WJ, Griffin DE. Measles. Lancet. 2011 Aug. 17. in the middle of a sentence. – lejonet Jul 17 '12 at 17:59
If what you've copied has a new line character in it then it is considered to be a line and will paste on at least one new line. It's best to copy lines in vim using 0y$ instead of the usual yy if you're planning to paste it inside of a line. If it's already copied then it may be easiest to paste it first then 0d$ and paste it where you want it. – Conner Jul 17 '12 at 18:08

p and P only create new lines if the clipboard contains a newline character.

I just pasted one-line content from my clipboard into vim and it worked fine (in-line).

The issue may be with the way LaunchBar is copying to its clipboards.

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