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Can someone let me know the pros and cons or using Jira and/or Google docs for Agile sprints? We are team of 8 developers and planning to switch to either Jira or google docs.

We currently use white board for sprint stories....


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Look at you can create cards and lists which work like stories in SCRUM – cjk Jul 18 '12 at 6:56

To be honest it would be like comparing one of the old cellphones to the new smartphone- it's true you could use both to make a call, but on a smartphone you could do so much more.. the list of Jira's pros is long, and i don't think that the Google docs have any major pros over Jira, except it's free. You can try jira for free to evaluate it, just get it from

If you are using it for agile planing, be aware that Jira itself is lacking many of the agile dearly needed properties, but they offer an expansion called green-hopper which add a lot of power and help with the agile management.

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See if this article fits your needs, assuming you are already on some bug tracking system -

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