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I have ratings for 60 cases by 3 raters. These are in lists organized by document - the first element refers to the rating of the first document, the second of the second document, and so on:

rater1 = [-8,-7,8,6,2,-5,...]
rater2 = [-3,-5,3,3,2,-2,...]
rater3 = [-4,-2,1,0,0,-2,...]

Is there a python implementation of Cohen's Kappa somewhere? I couldn't find anything in numpy or scipy, and nothing here on stackoverflow, but maybe I missed it? This is quite a common statistic, so I'm surprised I can't find it for a language like Python.

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Old question but for the reference Kappa can be found at skll metrics package.


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I haven't found it included in any major libs, but if you google around you can find implementations on various "cookbook"-type sites and the like. Here are pages with implementations of Cohen's kappa, Fleiss' kappa, and Krippendorff's alpha

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