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Hi im using Google Orgchart to create a family tree, where I combine three families.

How can I create lines between people who are married but from different families like below.

+----------+                  +----------+
| Family 1 |                  | Family 2 |
+----------+                  +----------+
     |                             |
     |                 +-----------+-----------+
     |                 |                       |
+----------+      +----------+           +-----------+    +----------+
|  Husband |------|   Wife   |           | Wife's Bro|----| Bro's GF |
+----------+      +----------+           +-----------+    +----------+
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It's impossible with Google Organizational Chart. Read documentation of data format.

A table with three string string columns, where each row represents a node in the orgchart. Here are the three columns:

Column 0 - The node ID. It should be unique among all nodes, and can include any characters, including spaces. This is shown on the node. You can specify a formatted value to show on the chart instead, but the unformatted value is still used as the ID.

Column 1 - [optional] The ID of the parent node. This should be the unformatted value from column 0 of another row. Leave unspecified for a root node.

Column 2 - [optional] Tool-tip text to show, when a user hovers over this node.

Each node can have zero or one parent node, and zero or more child nodes.

You can build multiple trees but it's impossible to join them. (one of node should have two parents or siblings).

Try using other library:

...or maybe integerate with Geni

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