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In Java, I'm able to use for-loops to iterate over ArrayLists or Iterables. In RichFaces, I can use the facelet "repeat" tag to iterate over ArrayLists, but not Iterables. The error messages I get from using an Iterable are that the attributes or methods of the items in the Iterable cannot be found. How should I code an Iterable so that RichFaces sees the items in it as their proper class, just as Java itself does?

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Based on org.richfaces.component.UISequence#createFacesModel valid types for value attribute of a4j:repeat (and other RichFaces data iteration components (rich:list, rich:dataTable, etc.)) are the following:


So, in your case iterables should implement java.util.List interface.

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You're right that when I implement the List interface, RichFaces can now iterate over my data structure. However, it does it from the first element to the last, in order. I wrote an iterator() method for the Iterable to go through the list in a special, rule-based order. When using the List interface, RichFaces doesn't even attempt to use iterator(). Do you have any suggestions for how to make RichFaces use the iterator? – L S Jul 18 '12 at 15:20
I ended up changing my data structure implementation a lot. The class now implements the List interface for use with RichFaces and Iterable for use with Java. I moved the rule-based logic from the iterator method into the class constructor, which saves the ordered items for later use. That may give a bit of a performance boost, too. – L S Jul 18 '12 at 19:29

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