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I don't have a Windows 8 tablet. On tablet emulator and on desktop Windows 8 the following code returns null:

lightSensor = Windows.Devices.Sensors.LightSensor.getDefault(); 

Same for other sensors (but not for geolocation).

Can i somehow test my code without device ? I don't care about any sensible data returned, but it would be great to test code correctness.

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Buy a light sensor :P

Tbh ways of test this king of things at the moment are limited. IMO if you want tablet with Windows 8 you should hack one of the tablets on the martket and install Windows 8 on it. Microsoft installed Win8 on few Samsungs to present Office 2013 so it can`t be that hard :)

But this is a bit off top. Back to the question. IMO you can`t test it with out some device with light sensor. I found many examples of your code but none of them where tested.

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