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I'm using lynx version 2.8.7rel1 on cygwin. When I try to change a drop down box, I get the following message when it is highlighted: "UNMODIFIABLE option list", and I cannot change its value from the default. How can this problem be fixed? Thanks!

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This looks like a bug in lynx 2.8.7-1

It looks similar to this bug which was reported fixed in 2005:

fix: when first "option" element of "select" had "disabled" attribute, Lynx turned the entire "option/choice list" UNMODIFIABLE. The "disabled" attribute of later "option" elements within the same "select" did not have this effect. If the "disabled" attribute is honored, it should disable only that element, not parent element or sibling elements (report by Paavo Hartikainen) -TD

You can work around this problem by reverting to lynx 2.8.5-4 instead of 2.8.7-1 (2.8.5-4 is still available in cygwin -- when you are in the "Select Packages" interface, click on the version number for lynx in the "New" column until that version appears).

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