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I am looking for some util methods for strings manipulation. Eg. split a version into its major.minor.bugfix parts:



I have looked at:


which is located in my C:\apache-ant-1.8.2\lib\ant.jar

but how do I use eg. the plit method in my build.xml file?

Here its done using groovy:


But is there no "official" ant jar/extensions that contain this basic kind of string manipulation tasks that can be called in my build.xml file?

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See Ant Addon Flaka, it provides some functions for string manipulation,
some examples here.
The answer to your problem is the example :
Question : Given is an ant property which has value of the type How to extract the value after the last dot, in this case that would be '123' ?
Solution : use the split function with index
Alternatively use Groovy's Ant task or script task with groovy/jruby/beanshell..

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