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I'm passing the below information through parameter from view to controller

parameters:{"Something"=>{"a" => "1", "b" => "0", "c" => "1", "d" => "0" #and so on}}

I want to access all the characters that have "1" as their value and concatenate into the string.

I tried

Something.each do |key, value|
if(value == "1")
string = string + key

It is throwing error saying that it could not execute nil.each and that i might be expecting an array. It appears to me that Something is a hash and in turn has some hashes in it. So i initialised Something to

Something = Hash.new { |Something, k| Something[k] = Hash.new }

But i still get the same error.

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Just work with the params hash. This should do what you need:

params["Something"].select {|k, v| v == "1"}.keys.reduce(:+)
  • select filters the params to only those with the value "1"
  • keys returns an array with all the keys in the hash
  • reduce joins all elements with a concat operation (+)


To concatenate and add the "Extra" word:

  • For each parameter:

    params["Something"].select {|k, v| v == "1"}.keys.inject("") {|result, p| result += "Extra #{p}"}
  • Only to the extra parameters, but not to the first one:

    params["Something"].select {|k, v| v == "1"}.keys.inject {|result, p| result += "Extra #{p}"}

See more information on inject here.

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@alfonso Thank you, i found that i needed only the array of keys and i need some extra information to be concatenated along with the key, like "a + "extra"". So i did not use keys.reduce(:+). Is there anyway i can write something like this - keys.reduce(: "Extra"+) so that the extra string gets added to every key? –  user1455116 Jul 17 '12 at 19:42
@opensourceis Sure, see my edit. –  alf Jul 17 '12 at 19:55
Thank you, that worked. I will study more about inject and reduce from the link you provided. –  user1455116 Jul 17 '12 at 20:21

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