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I have a .swf file that uses the following code:

private function onClick(e:MouseEvent):void {
var popUpClass:Class = getDefinitionByName(e.currentTarget.popUp) as Class;
popUpContent = new popUpClass();

However when I load that swf into another "container" swf I am getting a Reference Error #1065. I have been reading several posts on stack overflow (for example, this one and this one) but I am still confused as to what to do.

For example, do I change the code in my "loaded swf" to reference it's own application domain (not the domain of the container swf?) and if so, how do I do this exactly?

OR do I load the swf file and assign it it's own application domain in the code of the container? (not the code for the loaded swf?)

Also, my "e.currentTarget.popUp" just has a short name "PopUpWhateverName" should I be giving it a full package name like "com.MyLoadedSwf.Assets.PopUpWhateverName"?

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Yes , full package name : getDefinitionByName("com.MyLoadedSwf.Assets.PopUpWhateverName")

but You can also try :

var popUpClass:Class = e.currentTarget.popUp.constructor;
popUpContent = new popUpClass();
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