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As their faq states, supports cross-domain connections on every browser. Could someone tell me, if cross-domain-communications then uses a particular transport mechanism like long-polling, or does it work with all supported mechanisms. Annother thing is var socket = io.connect('http://localhost');. This is used the client to connect to the server. As this establishes a connection by WebSockets, longpolling, etc.. the above connect method itself uses a regular http request. Would not at least this request violate the same origin policy?

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I just tested it in IE 8 and FireFox 14:

Cross-domain works for

  • jsonp
  • xhr-polling
  • Websocket
  • flashsocket

Cross-domain does not work for

  • htmlfile

htmlfile btw in general only works in IE, whereas websocket does not work in IE (< 10). flashsocket does not work in browsers that support websocket, which is why I tested that one in IE8 only.

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