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I'm writing unit tests in which I need a fake HttpContext. I used the HttpSimulator from Phil Haack ( But an function in the Sitecore api throws an exception on the following code:

request.Browser.Browser.IndexOf("IE", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) > -1;

I debugged my code and the request.Browser.Browser is empty. I tried to fill the property with Moq but I get an exception. I also tried to add it as a header.

My code looks like this:

using (HttpSimulator simulator = new HttpSimulator("/", "localpath"))
    //NameValueCollection nvc = new NameValueCollection { { "User-Agent", "IE" } };
    //simulator.SimulateRequest(new Uri(""), HttpVerb.GET, nvc);

    var browserMock = new Mock<HttpBrowserCapabilities>();
    //browserMock.SetupProperty(b => b.Browser, "IE");
    HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser = browserMock.Object;

Does anyone know how i can mock this property?

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This can not be done, you will have to use the HttpContextBase e.d. classes in MVC. Turns out unit testing with web forms is messy(?)

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Actually this is possible - you can set the Browser property directly on the request:

httpSim.SimulateRequest(new Uri(""));

HttpContext.Current.Request.Browser = new HttpBrowserCapabilities
                                                            Capabilities = new Dictionary<string,string>
                                                                    {"majorversion", "8"},
                                                                    {"browser", "IE"},
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