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This question is further to one that was answered back in March 2012. As this is 4 months later I have raised a new question. Reference: MySQL LEFT JOIN - Values can be NULL

My SQL statement as it stands is below:

SELECT cs.case_id, cs.child_firstname, gu.* 
FROM tblcases AS cs 
LEFT JOIN tblguardians AS gu 
ON cs.case_id = gu.case_id AND gu.firstname LIKE '%Craig%'
WHERE cs.child_firstname LIKE '%Sally%' 

This works fine:

  1. If both values are set (per the example above).
  2. If cs.child_firstname is set and gu.firstname is a wildcard only

However, if cs.child_firstname is a wildcard only and gu.firstname is set then all rows in the database are returned, including NULL values - ideally in that situation I don't want the NULL values.

Can this query be rewritten to do everything or do I need to have more than 1 query?


The fields below are the fields in my form, all are passed using $_POST and processed using PHP. I hope this gives some indication of where the data is coming from and how it relates to the database tables. Child fields are in tblcases and guardian fields in tblguardians.

  • Child Firstname
  • Child Lastname
  • Child Date of Birth
  • Guardian Firstname
  • Guardian Lastname
  • Guardian Phone
  • Guardian Postcode

Update 2

SQL query is now as follows:

    DISTINCT(cs.case_id) AS case_id, CONCAT(cs.child_firstname, ' ', child_surname) AS childname, DATE_FORMAT(child_dob, '%d/%m/%Y') AS child_dob, DATE_FORMAT(created, '%d/%m/%Y') AS created, gu.firstname, gu.surname
    tblcases AS cs 
LEFT JOIN tblguardians AS gu 
    ON cs.case_id = gu.case_id 
    AND gu.firstname LIKE '%$_POST[parent_firstname]%'
    AND gu.surname LIKE '%$_POST[parent_lastname]%'
cs.child_firstname LIKE '%$_POST[child_firstname]%' 
AND cs.child_surname LIKE '%$_POST[child_surname]%'
AND ('$_POST[child_firstname]' != '' OR gu.firstname IS NOT NULL)
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Are you populating the LIKE values from code? –  Michael Berkowski Jul 17 '12 at 19:33
if you want to replace the null values use IFNULL(column , defaultvalue) or if you want to avoid the whole record then use inner join instead of left join –  raheel shan Jul 17 '12 at 19:45
@Michael - Yes, like this: '%$_POST[child_firstname]%' ruakh - I mean if the $_POST value is empty when the form is submitted, the SQL query will be wildcard-only (ie. gu.firstname LIKE '%%') –  Adam Boyle Jul 17 '12 at 19:57
@raheelshan - INNER JOIN works for removing the NULL values, however I need those NULL values because there won't always be a corresponding record in the tblguardians table. If a case is created, but no guardians added to it, I still need to be able to search based on the case details. If a case has guardians added to it, I need to be able to search on the contents of the guardians table without entering the child firstname or lastname stored in the tblcases table.. –  Adam Boyle Jul 17 '12 at 20:03
as you state you ARE adding the values directly from a post, you are WIDE OPEN to SQL-Injection... you should look into cleaning your input. –  DRapp Nov 17 '12 at 16:50

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sounds like the ideal solution would be a "full join" - returns all rows from both tables and then you would use the where clause to eliminate where "both sides are null" - e.g. ifnull( gu.firstname, cs.child_firstname) is not null

Mysql does not support full joins so then your best option would be a union something like

select blah
from tblcases 
join tblguardians on blah
where tblcases.child_firstname like childINPUT


select blah -- same blah as aobve
from tblcases 
join tblguardians on blah
where tblguardians.firstname like guardianINPUT
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