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In SolrConfig.xml, i set below:


But once i reindex my stuff, i still see a bunch of index files ranged from _0* to _9*, instead of seeing a single index file.


1. how to fix this?
2. if i update index at the run time, is it ok to use compound index then?


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those are segments files, see here. Those don't mean compound files are not being used, check with this doc to make sure. Basically look for .cfx files in the index dir.

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Thanks Persimmonium. The thing is i have multiple *.fdt, *.fdx, *.fnm, *.frq, *.nrm, *.prx, *.tii and *.tis files, 8 groups of them; and i got only one *.cfs file. I wonder if these can be reduced to only one group. – trillions Jul 17 '12 at 21:43

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