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I have this struct:

typedef struct Grades {
int  grade1;
int  grade2;
int  grade3;
int  grade4;
int  grade5;

I created a pointer to a Grades struct using

struct Grades   *pointer;

and I have a function() that returns a (void *) pointer to a specific Grades struct.

How do I set my pointer to that specific struct using the (void *) pointer?

I was thinking:

pointer = &function();

but that gives me an error: "'&' requires l-value

Any ideas? And by the way, I can't modify the function so...

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If the function already returns a pointer, just remove the &. –  Seth Carnegie Jul 17 '12 at 19:43
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If function() returns a pointer, you should be able to just do

pointer = function();
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pointer = function();

If function() is returning a void pointer, you don't need to take the address of it, it's already a pointer pointing to a Grades struct.

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