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I want to create an admin user for a Magento store using the web services and not having to create it from the adminstrators web site. Is that possible??

Thanks in advance!

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Check out this project:

Wiz lets you do many cumbersome tasks (normally done in the Magento Admin Panel) from command line. Although it isn't a webservice, it allows you to skip the need of logging into the admin panel and clicking around.

BTW, one of these tasks is creating an admin user.

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Nice proyect, but the project I'm doing is in C#. – CarlosT Jul 18 '12 at 16:02

One approach that takes a bit of custom coding is to create a new API resource that can use the Mage::getModel('admin/user') model to create the admin user.

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I found it, since I was trying to do all that in C#, here is the simple code to do that:

 MagentoService proxy = new MagentoService();
            string sessionId = proxy.login(username, password);
            customerCustomerEntityToCreate ctc = new customerCustomerEntityToCreate();

   = email;
            ctc.firstname = firstname;
            ctc.lastname = lastname;
            ctc.password = password;

            proxy.customerCustomerCreate(sessionId, ctc);
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First Step

Bind the new user to a predefined role. A role for the API must be created in System → Web Services → Roles before it can be assigned here.


Second Step

Use SOAP v1/v2 or XML-RPC (in my case it's SOAP v1)

Here's the Tutorial link. You can manage customer till manage order.

Hope this help.

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