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I have a stored procedure in MySql, where I an trying to insert values into Person_Table. One of the columns in Person_Table is CompanyID.

But I need to retrieve that CompanyID from Company_Table.CompanyID is an auto incremented Primary key. Both tables also have columns CompanyName. I want to insert Company+Table.CompanyID into the Person_Table.CompanyID column in the same procedure.

I am having problems inner joining the 2 tables. Can you inner join tables on an insert statement?

This is what I have so far but it doesn't like the inner join:

        insert into person p
    (FarmName, FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, Phone, CompanyID)
   ( oFarmName, oFirstName, oMiddleName, oLastName, oPhone, oCompanyID)   

    inner join company c on p.FarmNamne =  c.CompanyName
    where p.FarmName = c.CompanyID;
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I cannot answer whether it is possible to insert on an inner join but my feeling says it's not possible.

Anyways, to offer a little help, I would suggest that you solve this problem differently:

How about you put a trigger on your first table AFTER INSERT. At this point of time the auto increment id is known and can easily be inserted in table 2 with your trigger.


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Thank you. I am ttrying to use a trigger. It's my first time using them so I don't know exactly the syntax. This is what I have so far but it is not working. CREATE DEFINER = CURRENT_USER TRIGGER Assign_CompanyID Before INSERT ON individual For each row set NEW.CompanyID = Company.CompanyID Where Individual.FarmName = Company.CompanyName – EB. Jul 17 '12 at 20:46
This is untested but try CREATE TRIGGER Assign_CompanyID AFTER INSERT ON individual FOR EACH ROW BEGIN INSERT INTO name_of_table_2 SET table_2_company_id = NEW.CompanyID, table_2_another_field = NEW.another_field; END; – Horen Jul 17 '12 at 20:57

If I understand your question properly, then this should work after renaming the tables and columns to match your information:

INSERT INTO Person_Table
(FarmName, FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, Phone, CompanyID)
( oFarmName, oFirstName, oMiddleName, oLastName, oPhone, (
    SELECT c.CompanyId FROM Person_Table p 
    INNER JOIN Company_Table c ON c.CompanyName = p.CompanyName)

This will only work if there are no duplicate Company Names but give it a shot.

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