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I am having problems create the right route. I want to pass in the id of the element that i am working on but it does not look right.

my route looks like

resources :accounts
  match 'account-audit' => 'accounts#audited',:as => :accountaudit

and when i do rake routes i get

          accounts GET    /accounts(.:format)                          accounts#index
                   POST   /accounts(.:format)                          accounts#create
       new_account GET    /accounts/new(.:format)                      accounts#new
      edit_account GET    /accounts/:id/edit(.:format)                 accounts#edit
           account GET    /accounts/:id(.:format)                      accounts#show
                   PUT    /accounts/:id(.:format)                      accounts#update
                   DELETE /accounts/:id(.:format)                      accounts#destroy
      accountaudit        /account-audit(.:format)                     accounts#audited

when i go to the page the link looks


and it should look like


how do i make my route do what i need it to do?

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What it looks like you are trying to do is a nested routes this will give you the restful routes for audit inside of accounts

resources :accounts do
  resources :audit
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You need to declare routes like this

resources :accounts do
  get :audit, on: :member, as: :accountaudit

This will generate links like localhost:3000/accounts/account_id/audit. Check this stackoverlfow question to learn about member and collection routes.

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i ma sure that works but i ended up using match '/account/:id/audit' => 'accounts#audited',:as => :accountaudit –  MZaragoza Jul 23 '12 at 13:57

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