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I have a 2.7GB redis database (that's the size of the dump file) - I'm running on a server with huge memory (64GB) and not much else on there. The redis performance isn't great (sometimes takes ~5s to retrieve a hash via the redis-cli tool on the box). Can anyone help with :-

  1. How can I tell that the db is being processed in memory as opposed to swapping/reading off the disk ?

  2. Any optimization tips to speed up performance ?

I should add this is essentially a read-only db.

Thanks in advance !

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what can you tell us about the host OS? –  Larsenal Jul 17 '12 at 20:47
What else is talkin to the redis instance? What version? What are your disk save settings? We need to know more about your setup before we can answer. –  The Real Bill Jul 20 '12 at 19:18
What data structures do you use? If you extensively use hashes, then there are settings that can fine tune a lot. Dunno if thats also the case with other data structures –  Pharao2k Dec 9 '14 at 12:22

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  • The 2.7GB RDB file size isn't a good indicator of your dataset's size - what does INFO say about your used_memory?
  • 5s is a very long time to retrieve anything from Redis - check your SLOWLOG to see what operations are slowing down your performance (and for > 2.8.13 latency doctor as well)
  • re. swapping - disable swapping entirely by setting vm.swappiness=0 and vm.overcommit_memory=1

Furthermore, by adding the output of INFO ALL the kind folks here would potentially be able to provide more assistance regarding possible optimizations.

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