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I have a Jython code which is creating new values for a column in a program called KNIME.

Currently, my code is part of a sample code which reads a column already in the input table and creates a new column and just sets the value for each row to 99 and is as follows

dts = inData0.getDataTableSpec()
inputColumnIndex= dts.findColumnIndex("z")

iterator = inData0.iterator()
while iterator.hasNext():
row = iterator.next()
cell = row.getCell(inputColumnIndex)

newDoubleCell = DoubleCell(99.0)

newRow = AppendedColumnRow(row, [newDoubleCell])

I would like to set the newDoubleCell value to equal its corresponding z value - and Im having no luck at all. Im relatively new to python - so any help is appreciated.

Also, does anybody have any insights into finding values of previous iterations? Thanks, Mike Edit: the program im implementing this jython method into only tells me there is an error somewhere - I cant seem to find any other information on why its an error, which is really frustrating!

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You should probably fix the indentation of that while loop. Indentation is significant in python so it's not clear what this code does without it. –  entropy Jul 17 '12 at 21:27
I tried this, along with loadvalue = row.getCell(0).getDoubleValue() newDoubleCell = DoubleCell(loadvalue) and this worked - thanks very much! –  Michael M Jul 17 '12 at 21:31

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