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I don't know that much about network programming, but I am experienced in programming (C/C++, Assembly, Lisp, etc.) and know some basic HTML and Javascript. I need a good library that can be used for making programs that can

  • scan (and parse) an HTML file.
  • fill out forms and choose radio buttons
  • follow links to open other pages
  • submit filled out forms
  • bypass captcha (just kidding ;D)

It would be better if it was cross-platform, but if it's not, that's still ok (as long as it runs on Linux).

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Selenium is probably the most common tool: – sshannin Jul 17 '12 at 20:51
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You may also want to give Requests a try:

Some people think it's a better alternative to urllib2. Mainly in that the syntax is more human-friendly. Reference:

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I think the easiest solution is to use urllib2 Python standard library:

It provides a simple way to make HTTP requests of all kind and parse it's responses. In C++, many big libraries (for example Qt) have HTTP libraries.

You should also combine it with curl to manipulate and send forms using these tools.

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