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I have a rest URL like this http://www.localhost.com/service/resource?status=ACTIVE,PASSIVE and I have a method like this

public Resource resource(@QueryParam("status") Collection<STATUS> statusList){

where STATUS is an enum?

public enum STATUS{

My question is there a way for the query param status to be automatically converted to a list of enum type STATUS in jersey or do I have to write my own provider for this?

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From the JSR 311 API, the @QueryParam annotated type must either:

  1. Be a primitive type
  2. Have a constructor that accepts a single String argument
  3. Have a static method named valueOf or fromString that accepts a single String argument (see, for example, Integer.valueOf(String))
  4. Be List<T>, Set<T> or SortedSet<T>, where T satisfies 2 or 3 above. The resulting collection is read-only.

For your case I would go with the second option by wrapping the enum in a simple class:

public class StatusList {
  private List<STATUS> statusList;

  public StatusList(String toParse) {
    //code to split the parameter into a list of statuses 

  public List<STATUS> getStatusList() {
    return this.statusList;

Then change your method to:

public Resource resource(@QueryParam("status") StatusList statusList){
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+1 for the more elaborate answer. –  calvinkrishy Apr 10 '13 at 14:57
But every enum in Java has a valueOf(String) method. Therefore 3 is fulfilled, so he could just go from Collection<STATUS> to a List<STATUS> and no wrapping will be needed. Isn't that right? –  Nikola Kolev Aug 25 at 7:58

Try with this:


@QueryParam("status")List <STATUS> statusList
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