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Etc: if I press "space" key, inventory opens.But if I press "space" again, inventory should close.What should I use for this kind of thing?I can open it, but cant close.Thanks, sorry for bad english.(P.S: Im using flashdevelop+flixel)

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Yes, this is completely possible.

var isInventOpen:Boolean = false;
function openCloseInvent(e:KeyboardEvent):void
    if(e.keyCode == Keyboard.SPACE && isInventOpen == false)
         //Open Inventory
         isInventOpen = true;

    if(e.keyCode == Keyboard.SPACE && isInventOpen == true)
         //Close Inventory
         isInventOpen = false;

More info on KeyCodes can be found here: KeyCodes, if you need it.

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You should give yourself a boolean, like so:

var menuOpen:Boolean = false;
function yourEventHandler(e:KeyboardEvent):void {
    if (menuOpen) {
        menuOpen = false;
        //close your menu here
    } else {
        menuOpen = true;
        //open menu here
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