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I'm a newbie - and am sure it will be obvious.
I found someone with the identical problem on the forums, but it was not resolved.
I got my key today. I setup an allowed referrer ( I copied the code for map-simple.html and added my API Key and changed the longitude, Latitude coordinates. The file is
A map starts to show, then is covered up and above message (and a little more about obtaining a key) is presented. Any ideas?

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The URL ( does not match the referrer you quote in the question ( so it wouldn't be allowed. Referrers need to use wildcards, including a final /* to match any file/folder within the final specified folder.

To match a URL of your referrer needs to be*

If you can also get to your maps with a subdomain like star or www, you also need to add that into your list of allowed referrers:


You can go as far down the heirarchy as you need, but don't end up with a single file. It needs to be a folder specification:*

The Javascript which does the validation is case-sensitive, so if you are running a Windows webserver which is not case-sensitive when serving URLs, you also need to cater for the most common substitutions (all lower-case for a start).

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[It looks like it works now, so you have probably fixed it. This answer is for others to find! But if it's right, do tick the tick to accept it.] – Andrew Leach Jul 17 '12 at 23:14

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