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I make an ajax call and return some JSON when my user submits a form which is part of my .submit() handler.

I am also trying to attach some validation to this form now.

The result I am getting with the below code is that I do receive the "Field is required" error message, but the form is being submitted anyway.

// attaching some validation to our form.

// submit our form and do stuff
$("#myForm").submit( function(){

// I have an ajax request I need to make here, not relevant for the example.


<form id="myForm">

Foo: <input type="text" name="foo" id="foo" class="required" />

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You can supply a custom handler (from documentation): http://docs.jquery.com/Plugins/Validation/validate#options

   submitHandler: function(form) {

You can also use the .valid() function that returns a boolean.

$("#myForm").submit( function(e){
    if($("#myForm").valid() {
        .... do stuff
    } else {
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Thanks Mike, I actually found that out shortly after posting this. (Always helps to read the docs), heh, I will mark the answer correct shortly, Thanks! –  Jason Wells Jul 17 '12 at 22:28
The top code block is a more minimal approach that keeps the code cleaner. –  honyovk Jul 17 '12 at 22:30
@MBJ Agreed, however I've found a lot of people don't know about the second one. You can also use it on individual elements to do partial validation. –  Mike Robinson Jul 18 '12 at 14:16

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