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From, is there any way to make it go to an id tag inside HTML?

For example,

my html: <body> <div id="lotofstuff"> content </div> <div id="pictures"> content </div> </body>

On special cases, I want the response to go to, so it goes to the middle of the page.

Thank you.

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Without redirecting I would set a variable in your view and pass it to your template.

gotodiv = False
if somecase:
    gotodiv = 'pictures'

Then, in your template, have some simple javascript to go to the div.

{% if gotodiv %}
<script> window.location.hash = '#{{gotodiv}}'; </script>
{% endif %}

No extra hits on your webserver or django app.

*Edited to make location.hash dynamic.

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I don't know if from a view this is possible (maybe yes), but the simplest way I can imagine of is using redirect from Template, so you may have:

 if condition1:

And then in the templates: template0.html

{% if center_in_the_middle %}
  [redirect to URL1]
{% else %}
  [redirect to URL2]
{% endif %}

Hope it helps!

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