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Update: The only answer yet given is not helping me. The code works as desired on my local system but does not work in the deployed Python app. This is a series problem for me. Please give this question a serious second look.

Here is some simplified code to show what is happening. When the simplified code is put into the interactive console for the SDK, it always prints out Hello, schott.brian, but in the deployed app its like it prints out no match. What's up with that?

user = "schott.brian"
name = "schott.brian"

if user and user == name:
     print "Hello, " + user
     print "no match"

Here is my code. Notice the second if checks if user and (user == person.user):

user = users.get_current_user()
ID_id = self.request.get("ID", None)
ID_id = ''.join(ID_id.split())
key = db.Key.from_path("PQ", ID_id)
person = PQ.get(key)
if person: #person's ID DOES exist already
     logging.info("6 person %s" % person.user )
     logging.info("6 key %s" % key )
     logging.info("6 ID_id %s" % ID_id )
     logging.info("6 user %s" % user )
     if user and (user == person.user):
          # never get here on gae, but works on sdk
          # always gets to here by mistake on gae, but works on SDKs
          logging.info("7 user %s" % user )
          logging.info("7 person %s" % person.user )

Here are the logs for that code on gae and even though user exists and (user == person.user), that if clause is NOT succeeding. Can you tell me why? Does one of the two really include gmail.com and the other does not?

2012-07-17 15:39:19.993 6 person schott.brian
I 2012-07-17 15:39:19.993 6 key ag1zfnBhcnRpY2lwb2xschMLEgJQUSILY29kZUJTY2hvdHQM
I 2012-07-17 15:39:19.993 6 ID_id codeBSchott
I 2012-07-17 15:39:19.993 6 user schott.brian
I 2012-07-17 15:39:19.993 7 user schott.brian
I 2012-07-17 15:39:19.994 7 person schott.brian
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Moishe, that produces the same result. But thanks. Other ideas? For example is it the other part of the if clause (if user) that is the problem? Btw, I thought users.get_current_user() was the user ID. –  zerowords Jul 18 '12 at 0:05

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user.get_current_user() returns an object. Printing the user casts it to a string, so maybe you want to do something like:

if user and (str(user) == str(person.user)):

but you're actually better off comparing user ids, rather than string representations of user objects.

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Your answer was correct, but not adequate. I have to str(person.user), also. –  zerowords Jul 18 '12 at 10:23
Cool! I would really encourage you to use user.id for comparison, though. –  Moishe Lettvin Jul 18 '12 at 14:31

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