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How to configure JIRA_HOME? I'm getting an error:

Configured jira.home '/Users/codedroid/Downloads/atlassian-jira-5.1-standalone' must not be a parent directory of the webapp servlet path '/Users/codedroid/Downloads/atlassian-jira-5.1-standalone/atlassian-jira'

Changed it and now I get this:

Configured jira.home '/Users/codedroid/Downloads/atlassian-jira-5.1-standalone/atlassian-jira' must not be the same as the webapp servlet path '/Users/codedroid/Downloads/atlassian-jira-5.1-standalone/atlassian-jira'

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Problem was the JIRA documentation. See my answer below. –  Code Droid Jul 20 '12 at 1:24

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Have a look in here, if you're still having troubles please write what did you set JIRA_HOME to be and where did you defined it, thanks.


Yea, that documentation is more of 'how to' instead of 'what'. A better explanation of what the JIRA_HOME should be is writen in more details here.

Anyway, if you feel that the documentation are confusing or just bad, you could do everyone a favour and write it at the bottom of the page, under comments, so other could see it easily.

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I ran the console application. console.sh and just selected the directory. If I put anything above atlassian-jira it gives the parent error. If I put it at atlassian-jira it gives me the must not be same as the webapp servlet path error? –  Code Droid Jul 20 '12 at 0:51
(warning) However, avoid locating the JIRA Home Directory inside the JIRA Installation Directory. –  Code Droid Jul 20 '12 at 22:04

The JIRA documentation does NOT! make it clear even to a seasoned programmer that this JIRA_HOME directory is referring to a data directory and not the installation directory. If there are any JIRA folks out there please fix this outragious misunderstanding in your documentation. JAVA_HOME refers to you guessed it the installation location of java. Its called a 'convention' if you want to invent some other meaning please say so it your documentation and don't wast valuable developer time on installing your productivity tool. Think its not a problem? Google 'must not be the same as the webapp servlet path' and see what you get back. Thanks for wasting my afternoon, and no doubt the time of many others.

  (warning) However, avoid locating the JIRA Home Directory inside the JIRA Installation Directory.

This appears in only documentation point and is not the first place people look as noted above

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Just create a folder named JIRA, then set the environment variable JIRA_HOME as D:\JIRA, as well as the application properties file.

# jira-application.properties
jira.home = D:\\JIRA

Don't be confused with the JAVA_HOME, JIRA_HOME has absolutely nothing to do with the folder of your zip ball downloaded from official website.

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Why do you assume D:? Or is that just an example? –  itsbruce Oct 26 '12 at 13:00

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