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Hi anyone can help me with converting this into a bookmarklet to load an external site in a iframe inside an overlay like how it is done on


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What code have you got so far? – redsquare Jul 20 '09 at 13:25
javascript:var s=document.createElement(’script’);s.setAttribute(’src’,′’);document.body.appendChild(s); var p=document.createElement(’script’);p.setAttribute(’src’,′’);document.body.appendChild(p); var c=document.createElement(’link’);c.setAttribute(’href’,′’);document.body.appendChild(c); $(document).ready(function(){GB_show("Bookmarklet","",470,600);return false;}); this is what i have so far – anil Jul 20 '09 at 17:01

I would put all your actual code in an external file that you just load. See

The bookmarklet code is :

   function() { 
      var s=document.createElement("script");

which then in tern loads jquery and does some fancy stuff. It also makes updating it much easier (since you don't have to get your users to change the bookmarklet).

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thnx paul am going about the same way now :) – anil Jul 27 '09 at 18:07
No problem happy to help. Accept and vote up s'il vous plait :) – Paul Tarjan Jul 31 '09 at 1:35

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