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I am developing an Adobe Air application. How can I download a file from an FTP site (not HHTP). I can't use URLRequest for that. I found some infos about using the socket, but all of them are for UPLOADING (http://ntt.cc/2009/08/23/how-to-upload-files-in-flex-ftp.html). I need to DOWNLOAD.

I understand socket has a function to readbytes (and I assume that is for downloading), but I am not sure how to specify a file to be downloaded. what do I use in place of URLRequest for ftp??

FileReference has a function for downloading, but also requires a URLRequest.

I've tried several things and none worked.

Please help!!

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Check out the FlexFTP project: maliboo.pl/projects/FlexFTP I believe it uses the Flash socket implementation to implement a version of FTP. I thought there were limitations that could not be overcome for a full FTP implementation, but I'm unsure what they were. –  JeffryHouser Jul 18 '12 at 1:01
Thank you. I did some research and wrote some codes trying to connect. But it's really strange that the only response I get back was "220", and never got any response after I send command for user and password. For example, here I do the connection: inline connect(); s.writeUTFBytes("USER username\n"); s.flush(); s.writeUTFBytes("PASS password\n"); s.flush(); s.writeUTFBytes("CWD /mydirectory/\n"); s.flush(); s.writeUTFBytes("PASV\n"); s.flush(); –  Ngo Y-An Jul 20 '12 at 9:37

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