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I'm using ATK4 4.1.1 and have added a button to a page. I want this button to trigger an update to a database table when it is pressed and so have created code like this in a page.

    $f=$p->add('Form',null,null,array('form_empty'))->setFormClass('horizontal bottom-padded');

    $b1->js("click")->univ()->ajaxec($this->api->url(null, array("s"=>"D")));

    $b1->js('click', $b1->js()->load(
    ) );

    ..  ..   ..  ..  

   if (isset($_GET['s'])) {            

When i access this page, it displays ok but when the button is clicked, i get an error saying method


 Method is not defined for this object

 Additional information:

 method: url
 arguments: Array ( [0] => [1] => Array ( [s] => D ) 

I used an example from the following section called Anatomy of a reload. As i got this error, i took the example and created a new page using the same code as the example and i get a similar error from that page as well.


  Method is not defined for this object

  Additional information:

  method: url
  arguments: Array ( [0] => [1] => Array ( [side] => 1 [myajax] => 1 ) ) 

Besides trying the above ajaxec line, i also tried the following

 $b1->js('click', $b1->js()->load( $this->api->url(null,array('s'=>'D'))));


 $b1->js('click', $b1->js()->atk4_load( $this->api->url(null,array('s'=>'D'))));

but they also come back with the same error.

Maybe i've missed something or it's possible it's a change between ATK4 4.1.1 and 4.2 but i'm not in a position to upgrade at this time as trying to meet a deadline so what method do i have to execute this update from the button click in ATK 4.1.1


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There is an easier way:


      // ....



This was only briefly documented in

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Can you confirm the syntax on addButton ? On 4.1, i'm getting an error saying Method is not defined for this object addButton. – Trevor North Aug 4 '12 at 18:11
OK - worked out the correct syntax for add Button and have amended the above but now getting an ajax error when the button is pressed with no info as to why - any suggestions ? The POST URL is team.pscrum/… – Trevor North Aug 4 '12 at 18:23

And the answer is ...

    // create a form to put the button in with minimal styling
    $f=$p->add('Form',null,null,array('form_empty'))->setFormClass('horizontal bottom-padded');

    // Add the button with a confirm request and do an ajax call
    // passing a new GET parameter called state
        ->js('click')->univ()->confirm('Confirm ?')

    // If the parameter is set, this is executed by the ajax callback
    if (isset($_GET['state'])) {             
         //add the model (change name to yours)
         // You can either use load($id) if you already have the primary key
         // or an array of fields and use loadBy to get the records to be updated 

          // set some variables to hold the old status from the model 
          // and the new one which was in the GET parameter we passed

          // Set the status column to the new value and execute the update

          // and provide some feedback to the user that it worked !

If you dont want any feedback to the user, you can omit the ->confirm() on the button definition and the whole line containing successMessage and presumably you could also change the state of the button by changing it's class inside the if (isset($_GET...

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