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I've been having trouble trying to compile using g++ in linux some sample of the sample code for opencv but I get this error message after I run:

g++ `pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv` hello.cpp -o hello

I get this output:

/tmp/ccjvVxLI.o: In function `main':
hello.cpp:(.text+0x45): undefined reference to `cvLoadImage'
hello.cpp:(.text+0x6b): undefined reference to `cvNamedWindow'
hello.cpp:(.text+0x7c): undefined reference to `cvShowImage'
hello.cpp:(.text+0x86): undefined reference to `cvWaitKey'
hello.cpp:(.text+0x90): undefined reference to `cvDestroyWindow'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I've looked online and checked my installation of OpenCV and I get the normal output for:

pkg-config --cflags opencv


-I/usr/local/include/opencv -I/usr/local/include  

But when I ran:

pkg-config --libs opencv

I got a weird list that looks like this:

/usr/local/lib/libopencv_calib3d.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_contrib.so     /usr/local/lib/libopencv_core.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_features2d.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_flann.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_gpu.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_highgui.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_imgproc.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_legacy.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_ml.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_nonfree.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_objdetect.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_photo.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_stitching.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_ts.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_video.so /usr/local/lib/libopencv_videostab.so 

If it helps I installed Opencv2.4.1 on ubuntu LTS 12.04 with the help of this site: http://www.samontab.com/web/2012/06/installing-opencv-2-4-1-ubuntu-12-04-lts/

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Try this:

g++ `pkg-config --cflags opencv` -o hello hello.cpp `pkg-config --libs opencv`
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You can call pkg-config like pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv, too. –  Kay Jul 18 '12 at 3:11
thanks! that worked! Oh, btw great blogpost too @samontab . –  UnderWulf Jul 18 '12 at 6:01

Refer this thread:

compiling code with OpenCV Libraries

Adding these as command line arguments also works very well:

-lopencv_core -lopencv_imgproc -lopencv_highgui -lopencv_objdetect

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g++ hello.cpp -o hello `pkg-config --cflags --libs opencv`
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While this code may solve the problem, a few words of explanation would go a long way to making this answer valuable to future readers. –  The Thom Apr 30 at 17:12

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