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I am generating a xls using 'to_xls' gem. So I have like:

my_xls = User.all.to_xls

Now I want to send it using ActionMailer, I tried like that:

attachments[my_xls.original_filename] =  {

But for my surprise, my_xls is not a file but a String. I guess I could solve that by opening a new file and writing the string to it, but I'm using Heroku and it doesn't like writing to file (Permission denied). The best solution would be generate a file-like stream data (like getting a file from a HTML form) and send it.

I need something like rails send_data controller method, that send a stream of data to the view without generating a new file.

So, how do I do that?

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Something close to this, I might have gotten the mime type wrong, it's generic in the code below, but the format I use in my rails code for action mailer is as follows:

attachment "application/octet-stream" do |a|
  a.body =
  a.filename = my_xls.original_filename

possible types could be:

"application/excel" or "application/" instead of "application/octet-stream"

I have not tested this...

Also if my_xls is a string instead you might have to convert it to bytes before sending it over the wire:


there is a SOF topic here talking about this but this is for send_data, but might still apply:

Difficulty with send_data in Ruby on Rails in conjunction with Spreadsheet plug-in

Just trying to point you in a direction that will hopefully help!

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