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Say I have a file foo.js that was committed some time ago. I would like to simply find the commit where this file was first added.

After reading the answers and my own tinkering, this works for me

git log --follow --diff-filter=A --find-renames=40% foo.js
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Here's simpler, "pure git" way to do it, no pipeline needed:

git log --diff-filter=A -- foo.js

Check the docs, you can do the same thing for Deleted, Modified, etc.

I have a handy alias for this because I always forget it:

git config --global alias.whatadded 'log --diff-filter=A'

This makes it as simple as:

git whatadded -- foo.js
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+1! However, my file was in a subfolder, so only worked after I added an asterisk in the front git log --diff-filter=A -- *subfolder/foo.js –  Geo Aug 16 '13 at 17:40
How does this work on files that are merged from other branches, but which weren't necessarily added to the branch being merged by the user performing the merge? –  g33kz0r Jan 22 at 18:47
git log --oneline -- foo.js | tail -n 1
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I'd be nice to have --follow. –  Yasushi Shoji Aug 19 '12 at 17:31

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